My Self Esteem Higher than Your Rent

We all are born with self esteem, but along the way as we grow up it kinda dims down for various reasons. At times we are made to believe that we aren’t worth it by our peer groups most of the times based on our looks. Somebody is short, somebody is too tall, somebody has crooked teeth, big lips, thin lips, no boobs, no booty, too much oil in the hair, too many hair on the arms, so on & so forth. Which stays in our head & we start to think that we aren’t worth it. Which then leads to a low self esteem & low confidence

I was that kid once I was made to believe I am not worth it. I didn’t have a lot of friends. And now when I look back I am glad I didn’t make a lot friends, & Thank god I am not friends with a lot of people anymore. It made me what I am today

A few things that I started to do to boost my self esteem, you could give them a try to;

– Stop the negative thoughts & talks

– Don’t doubt your worth

– Don’t sit around people who are negative

– Smile more

– Spend more time with yourself & your thoughts.

– Pat yourself on the back for getting through the day

– Don’t hold on to the past

– Start living in the moment

– Stop comparing your life to others

– Stop saying sorry when you are not wrong

– Know when to say NO

And Most Importantly, LOVE YOURSELF & YOU DO YOU as long as you aren’t hurting anybody’s feelings go ahead be Your Own Boss, Be The QUEEN or The KING that You are Meant To Be

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