I honestly don’t know what to write about myself. Hat’s off to those who can write so flawlessly about themselves.

Seriously I am clumsy at writing about my self. But I shall give it a try.

Hi, I am Aisha Ahmed. I am a mother to the most Beautiful daughter, ALIA.

I am mostly made up of Pizza, Biryani, Burger & Ice cream. One should never forget the Ice cream. N.E.V.E.R

I am a total Foodie. Food is Love

You will mostly find me indulging in Food. And on the other days you will find me either Designing clothes for my clients or putting up an Auto-cad design for the other set of my beautiful clients.

Oh wait did I mention that I am a Fashion designer and an Auto-cad specialists by profession. 

And that’s exactly what You will be seeing mostly in my Blog. The latest trends, the seasonal trends, what suits you best and how I like to style myself. And a little dose of whats on my plate.