Summers & Milkshakes

As you know I am a Foodie, & I Love to eat. As a Food blogger I get to Review a lot of places & sometimes they are a hit & sometimes not so much.

Last weekend I was invited my this really cool Milkshake place in Nakheel Mall & we truly enjoyed it. It’s called ShakeAway & it’s got some really cool milkshakes & smoothies. And they have some of the bizarre names for their milkshakes 😂

We were served one milkshake, one smoothie, one frozen yogurt & their best seller, Baked Fries( these have my heart) I am a Big Fries Fan😍

I’d rate this please 9/10. It’s a good summer time hang out to go to. Only thing is, it would’ve been nice if it was closer to the beach. But hey it’s at The Palm so you can sweat it out at the beach & then come have some Shakes.

They have some really nice names for their Drinks.
Their Baked Crispy Fries
Pretty happy with my Smoothie
Always happy with Fries

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