Good Bye

It’s time to Say, Good Bye.

It’s time to bid Good Bye to a lot of things & to a lot of people.

It’s time to say Good Bye to all the toxic you are holding onto.

It’s time to say Good Bye to friendships that are only one sided.

To relationships that don’t add value to your life.

It’s time for all those things to come to an end which pull you down.

It’s time to Let it All Go.

Time to be Free from all the Negative.

Time to stop being a Prisoner to Feelings that are not Reciprocated.

Time to say Fuck It!!


This 2019 my only goal was to leave all the things & all the people behind in 2018 who don’t value me. To stop giving a fuck about ppl who don’t give a fuck about me. But the emotional fool inside got the best of me.

Recently an old friend came back after distancing themselves from me. And guess what they weren’t even sorry for what they did. Why you ask? Because their plate was full. Is that self defense or an excuse?

Because hey I too had a plate full. Actually wait I had a whole damn buffet lined up for me in my life. And I am slowly getting through that buffet without distancing myself from My “Closed Ones”

And yday while checking upon them I realized that I was never their close one. I was a back up & I’ll remain a back up.

But guess what, I am Saying Fuck it & Fuck off!

Because My friendship & Love is for people who those who value my feelings. Not for those who disrespect me & my feelings.

We all go through this in our lives. Be it friends or a better half. We are all struggling to be there for people who won’t be there for us. Let’s make ourselves a priority. Let’s make our mental health a priority. There’s no harm in staying alone. Coz that’s one when you’ll start valuing yourself. Know your worth & then add Tax!!

So yeah,

It’s Time to Say Good Bye.

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