Kabhi Ruhaniyat si,

Toh Kabhi Inaayat si,

Jismein Sukoon bhi hai,

Aur Justajoo bhi.

Ishq, Love, Mohabbat whatever you call it,they are all the same. The same feeling, the same expectations, all the same.

It’s a feeling not everyone is ready to believe in, it’s a feeling that very few experience it.

It’s a wave of feelings, & when that wave hits you, you won’t even know what hit you.

Love will put your Heart at Peace, but at the same time it will take away all your Peace.

Love is madness, madness that will leave devastated. It’s a poison that you wouldn’t wanna live without.

But when Love leaves you, it leaves you broken, in such a way that you won’t be able to put your pieces together for a long long time.

You won’t believe what Love is till you don’t feel it, & once you feel it you won’t believe in it anymore.

But Love is all We have.

You just need Patience a lot of Patience!

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