Want the Engagement, but don’t wanna get Engaged!!

Do you feel me here?

I mean who doesn’t love an “ENGAGEMENT” right?

The Social Engagement I mean. What else..

I recently got introduced to something called as the “Engagement Pods” & I didn’t know what that was so I googled it, & I wish I hadn’t googled it. I mean these Pods are basically groups of bloggers who like & comment on each other posts coz Insta has a weird “ALGORITHM” now. And if you don’t have a good Engagement in the first half hour it won’t show your post much. Which to be honest is really messed up.

So people go in for various options, for example buying followers, buying likes, & apparently one can buy comments too. This social media craze I tell you. I too bought followers once long time ago. But Shh that’s our little secret. It never worked out for me. I mean don’t wanna waste money when I am eventually going to loose those followers.

But this whole Engagement Pod was very new to me. Mainly coz I am not a part of any of these groups, & to be honest don’t wanna be a part of it either. See there is nothing wrong in these pods but what happened to having a freedom of liking & commenting on our own will, liking something coz we truly like it? What happened to really working hard on your content as a BLOGGER to get the Engagement you deserve? I mean what if I don’t like your content yet I gotta oblige coz if I don’t you won’t like or comment on my post. I mean what are we in 5th grade. I remember in school when it used to be our birthday we would usually give our besties two chocolates instead of one & if we didn’t then on their bday they wouldn’t either. This whole Engagement pod reminds me of that.

Worst is you know what when bloggers say stuff like show some love on my post I will return the favor. For god sake, don’t make it a favor, show love if you really want to. Don’t give me pity likes or favor comments. That’s not why I am working hard.

Come on guys, let’s work hard & put in all the effort to reach where we wanna reach. Let’s EMPOWER each other in a good way, in a positive way. Make groups that’s not a bad thing but make a group where ppl are allowed to speak their mind & have the freedom of doing what they want. Not where they have to oblige. Let’s take each other’s advice, let’s brainstorm together, let’s work together. Let’s just spread a positive vibe. It’s no Race or Competition. Blogs are fun let’s keep it Fun.

Loads of Love


And Love Me Back if You Really Mean it ❤️

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