Summer Essentials

It’s July & summer is finally here. Not a big fan of summer as it literally gives me migraines & I can’t stand that. Once I get the migraine attack it doesn’t stop for a good 4-5 days. So in reality my summer essentials are my migraine meds 😂

But no I love make up & summer makes your make up melt. So here are my summer essentials that I absolutely love for the summer.

Bioderma Tinted Sunscreen
Tarte shape tarte concealer
Huda beauty setting powder
Sephora full coverage compact powder
NYX eyebrow powder
Too Faced cheek pallete

These are my must haves for the summers. Workout these I can’t function. And procured coffee. Can’t function without my jug of coffee. Anyways back to make up. This crates a flawless, not so heavy natural make up look. Perfect for the season.

I also end my routine with a setting spray. You can use any, I use the NYX dewy setting spray. Absolutely love the finish it gives.

A perfect no make up make up look🥰

What are your summer essentials? Do you have any? Hope this helped you in getting some of your summer essentials sorted.

Until next time!


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